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Founded in 2004, Linhai Huipu Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. is conveniently located in Yongquan Town, Linhai City, Zhejiang Province, China, directly accessible from the Gulf of Taizhou, and is one of the largest, most complete shipyard in the area.

The shipyard covers 15 acres and features 7 ferroconcrete slipways and 2 workshops with a capacity of building all kinds of steel ships up to 120,000 DWT in one year. It is capable for building all kings of ship up to 179m in length, including bulk carrier, product oil tanker, chemical tanker, multi-purposes cargo, tugboat and etc. It has close cooperation with various classifications, e.g. China Classification Society (CCS), Bureau Veritas (BV) and etc, and has successfully established and maintained ISO 9001:2000 quality management system since Feb.2006.

As a modern shipyard, it is equipped with all kinds of world first-class shipbuilding equipments and facilities, including gantry cranes, double-ended flam numerical control cutting machine, wet plasma cutting machine, press machine, plate cutter, hydraulic rolling machine, frame bender, and a variety of lathes and welding machines.

Since 2004, it has successfully delivered 18 ships from 3000 DWT to 22000 DWT, including 15 bulk carriers, 2 product oil tankers, 1 engineering ship. Some of them are sold to domestic shipping companies in China, while others are sold outside of China to European, Asian and African customers. Ití»s high quality, warm service and good credit are highly appreciated by all customers.

There are around 500 employees working for the shipyard, including 5 senior engineers and 30 engineers and 350 skilled welders with certificates issued by the CCS, NK, BV and ABS.

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